Big Hamsa Mandala stencil 130x90cm, 51x30"


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Size: 130x90cm, 51x30"


In all beliefs, the Fatima Hand is a protective sign. It protects against the influences of evil forces.

The hamsa hand brings happiness, goodness, abundance, fertility and good health to its owner.

The fatima hand can be made with the fingers up or down.

The Hamsa hand, also called the hand of Fatima, traditionally comes from the Middle East. It is the symbol of the Hand of God. Increasingly, it is also used in Western cultures. The Hamsa means five in Arabic. Hamesh means five in Hebrew. In many cultures, the five fingers of the Hamsa Hand symbolize the most sacred principles of that culture.

The five represents the five books of the Torah for Jews. The meaning of the hamsa hand, or the meaning of the hand of Fatima, is also evident from the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, “Heh,” one of God's holy names.

Sometimes an eye is placed in the palm of the hand, the Nazar. Hamsa combined with the eye is considered an antidote to negative energies. In all cultures, the Hamsa hand, or the hand of Fatima, is in any case used as a symbol for protection.

No wonder that the Hand of Fatima or the Hamsa hand is so loved as jewelry and as a tattoo; now also as a template so that you can make it yourself in your home.

The size of the Hamsa template is 130 centimeters high and 90 centimeters wide. To make the hamsa you need 1/4 liter of water-based wall paint, or 2 testers from Flexa that are 1.98 euro each or the smallest jar chalk paint

You buy a Hamsa stencil from us that you stick on the wall and roll over it with a roller (the cheapest roller available) when the paint is dry after 15 minutes you remove the template and the Hamsa is on your wall.Hamsa is also known as the Hand of Fatima and is popular good luck symbol worldwide. Use Hamsa mandala stencil to bring good luck and peace into your home!

Hamsa mandala stencil is made of durable, reusable pvc, we laser it in Amsterdam.

Mandala stencils guarantee: Our mandalas are made of super durable plastic, each Mandala Stencil is reusable, strong and guaranteed to deliver a beautiful result every time. On walls, timber, stone, concrete, curtains, cushions and fabrics...the possibilities are endless. Just grab your Mandala Stencil and go for it!

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